Recruiting for Volunteer Executive Positions at Langara Accounting Club

Dear LAC members:

We hope you are well. Below are the 3 volunteer positions that Langara Accounting Club is recruiting for:

  • Director of Communications
  • CPABC Ambassador
  • Student Ambassador

1. Please find the attached pdfs that list the detailed description of each volunteer position. 

Director of Communications Posting

CPABC Ambassador Posting

Student Ambassador Posting


2. Please fill out the attached google form (this is mandatory and will help us get your information and to know you better)

 2022-2023 LAC Executive Recruitment Application

If you have any questions please email us back at

Kind regards,

Shubham Khanna & Elizabeth Li,
Co-Presidents, Langara Accounting Club

Please email us if you have any questions! 

Thank you,

LAC Executive Members