BDO Ignite Events

Hello Langara Accounting Club Members!

BDO is hosting Ignite events!  It is a Virtual conference event  in August 26th from 11 am to 2 Pm PST.

It is a great opportunity for students to listen and connect with professionals from across the country.  This event will showcase what BDO has to offer to students for career development.

  • The applications are broken up in to different groups; Western Canada, Central Canada Eastern Canada, and have offices within those groups listed.  The virtual nature of the event means that students will connect with people across Canada.
  • Students can apply to the post/area of most interest; they will join the first part of the event and hear from national speakers and then join the second half of the event to hear from speakers specific to the region they signed up for.
  • The event will wrap up with virtual networking, giving students an opportunity to ask questions and engage with the BDO team of professionals.

check out their website for more information on applications and other events

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