CPABC Case Competition

Greetings Accounting Club members,

There is some exciting news to report this week. In preparation for the CPABC Case Competition, which is held annually in February and is open to students from any post-secondary institution in BC, Langara’s accounting instructors have this year offered to provide mentoring and coaching for the hardest working and most talented Langara students who wish to enter.

To determine the students who will receive this mentoring the instructors are holding a preliminary Langara Case Competition in November. The rules of this competition can be found below.

These competitions are a great way for you to gain additional practical accounting skills and competencies and also look fantastic on your resume come recruit time. We at the Accounting Club Executive team therefore encourage all Accounting Club members to seriously consider entering the preliminary competition for your chance to get access to this unrivaled help and mentoring experience.

Good luck!


Langara’s Internal Accounting Case Competition 2017 – 18 Rules

Open to all Langara accounting students that have taken (or are currently taking) one of FMGT 1115, FMGT 1116/4816 or FMGT 2293/4800. While PDD students are eligible for this internal competition, the eligibility of PDD students for the 2018 CPA BC Case Competition will not be known until CPA BC releases the 2018 rules.

Students will compete individually in this internal case competition. Each student will be judged and ranked based on the individual video submissions. Based on the rankings, top students will be invited to represent Langara College in the CPA BC Case Competition and will be placed in teams as selected by faculty. Selected students will be expected to participate in case study and presentation workshops led by Langara faculty in January – March 2018 leading up to and during the CPA BC Case Competition.

Registration – please register online at: by Wednesday, November 8, 2017 to confirm your participation on the Langara case competition.

Case Study – the case study will be released to all participants via email by noon on Friday, November 17, 2017. Each student will have until 12 noon on Sunday, November 19, 2017 to submit by email, a link to their video submission which has been uploaded on YouTube. Each student will have to create a YouTube account and learn on their own how to create & upload videos. Prior to the release of the case study, a case study workshop will be provided to all participating students on campus (date TBA).

Each competing student’s video submissions will be judged on the presentation style, professionalism, knowledge of the case, analysis, strategic recommendations and creativity as presented in the video. Ensure any PowerPoint, visual aids or screen projections are clearly visible in your recording, as no other submissions (e.g., Word, PDF, Excel) will be allowed. Only the student/student’s voice should appear/be heard in the video along with any visual aids.

Video presentations must be between 5 minutes (minimum) to 7 minutes (maximum) long. Videos shorter than 5 minutes will be automatically disqualified. Videos long than 7 minutes will be penalized.
All videos must be uploaded onto YouTube by noon on Sunday, November 19, 2017 and an email with the video link sent to also by noon on Sunday, November 19, 2017. The video should be set as “private”, so only those with the link may access and watch the video.

The video must be named as follows (place your actual name in place of YOUR NAME): Langara 2017 Case Competition – YOUR NAME

Judging: judges will be Langara College accounting faculty. All participating students will be notified if they are moving on by Wednesday, November 29, 2017. Based on the number of teams Langara will register for the CPA BC Case Competition, the top-ranking students will be notified of the next steps.

Hints on creating the video: Many phones, laptops and tablets have good video recording capabilities. As well, there are some good free video editing software available. Here are some suggestions:

Here are a couple sample videos created using Screencast-o-matic (this was produced using the Pro or paid version, not using the free trial):